Monday, 24 August 2015


It has been a looooonnnggggggggg time since i sat down and scribble something in this blog. I guess, i have nothing interesting to share online anymore. I'm just living a mundane life....... -sighhh-

But wait.....

I have finally finished my Masters Degree... After 5 longgg treacherous years of studying and working and being a mom and a wife, I finally managed to complete it. And with good grades too. Hey, that's not bad considering the many many times I thought of just quitting. When I got the call from my Supervisor telling me that I have passed my dissertation, I felt like a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders. What a relief it was....

Now, my next projects are to organize my home, read tons and tons of storybooks, ohh!!! catch up on my pending schoolwork (yes, i have much unfinished work... such a lazy bum I am), travel (how I wish), write blog entries and try catch up on some snooze.

But then again.... I'm already thinking of what is next??? PhD perhaps?????

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